News — Galleries Goes Green



The Galleries Shopping Centre in Washington has gone green with an all new solar power installation.

The system features 1,317 individual photovoltaic panels, covering an area of 41,000 sq ft – equivalent to a professional football pitch – on an otherwise unused part of the centre’s roof.

Generating around 315,000 kilowatt-hours (kWh) of electricity – enough to power 68 UK households for a year, the project will save around 165 tonnes of carbon dioxide annually.

Watch the video about our Solar Panel Installation here 

The Centre also recycles 52% of its waste generated whilst the other 48% is used to generate power therefore nothing goes to landfill.

David McNee, centre manager of the Galleries, said: “We are committed to reducing waste, recycling and generating more power from renewable sources and the solar panels are a great example of that. As a hub for the community, we feel it is important to help share positive messages about how we can do more to protect the environment and our planet. Our free, family-friendly workshops that take place this week allow us to do that in an educational, yet fun way.”

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