News — Green Apple Awards


Green Apple Success

The Galleries has been awarded two Green Apples for its efforts to reduce energy and improve recycling.

In 2017 the Galleries developed and executed an ambitious plan to install the UK’s largest Solar Photovoltaic energy production system on a shopping centre roof.

2018 saw the monitoring and communication of the project’s effectiveness while using its momentum to instigate change in practices to further improve environmental efficiency and reduce consumption.

As part of this commitment, we introduced a continuous programme of upgrading to LED on light fitting component failure, with new LEDs installed back of house, loading bays and service yards with the largest single example, the replacement of 85 lights across 18 high level lighting masts with LED equivalents.

Our aim for waste management, is to deliver zero to landfill. The centre is the heart of a new town and a core objective is to minimise our impact whilst serving a population of over 68,000. By reviewing the waste is managed from our retailers, we have increased the volumes that we recycle by 57% and with non-recyclable waste producing 530kwh of energy – enough to power 485 washing machine cycles.

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